It was hard work, in January we got together in Dublin and with no money and with ots of ideas we decided to embark in this adventure. What brought us together was the wonderful course that ICCROM organized last year in Rome: First aid to cultural heritage in times of conflict; those six weeks in Italy have been incredible, full of discussions, exchange and cooperation at many levels. What started as a professional experience became more and more a human, cultural and personal adventure. Now we are here, live on the world wide web and we hope that we will manage to create a wonderful platform where professionals, and scholars at all level can share their experiences and actively cooperate to improve knowledge and raise awareness on the many issues related to cultural heritage in the face of armed conflict.

We havea different background of knowledge and experiences, and  our areas of interest differ, but this is exactly what will make this experience so exciting and enriching. This means that we couldn’t possibly cover all the subjects and all the areas and that we need your help to fill the gaps. The site is a work in progress, a collaborative space and therefore not perfect yet,  things will change and improve with time thanks to your help and your contributions.  
if you feel like sending your comments and contributions please contact us, and if you like to help the site dissemination, please llink the site into your social networks!
Please explore the site, follow us, and  spread the news!

Patrizia, Laurence , Mario.